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Tri flow - 6 fl oz lubricant

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Tri-flow lubricant is designed with triple action formula for cleaning, lubricating and protecting. It can maximize the performance of your motorbike. These lubricants are manufactured with advanced ingredients to combat all your enemies on the road, track or trail. It protects your motorcycle’s chain from metal-to-metal friction, moisture, and corrosion. It protects, lubricates and cleans your bike for its optimum performance.
Remove Contaminants and Deeply Penetrate
Specially formulated solvents can soften and remove the containments, and the light viscidness oils guarantee deep penetration in difficult places. The high-grade oils offer maximum lubrication under extreme (-60 – 475 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures and remarkable pressure to almost 3000 pounds. The PTFE additives lubricant offer superior longevity in protection against corrosion, rust, metal-on-metal wear, and moisture.